How We Do It

We grow all our produce in a greenhouse, which protects it from insects and weather and also enables us to serve our customers year-round.

Our plants start out in seedling trays. After growing large enough to transplant, they move to rafts that float in nutrient-rich water, where they stay until harvest time. We harvest twice weekly.

The nutrients come from a natural source: fish, which live in a separate large tank. This arrangement is called “aquaponics”, which is similar to conventional hydroponics, but more natural. Aquaponics is a sustainable method of farming that combines aquaculture and hydroponics into a single watery ecosystem.

At the fish tank, the fish waste is circulated through filters and converted by natural processes into plant fertilizer and micronutrients.

The resulting nutrient-rich water is circulated from the fish tank to long troughs containing floating lettuce rafts, producing strong and healthy plants.

This natural cycle is very friendly to the environment due to the efficient use of water. It also produces really great lettuce!